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Glucosamine sulphate pottasium
Product name : Glucosamine sulphate pottasium
Product No. : 201672517127
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 One of Popular joint supplements used together with chondroitin in healthcare industry 3000 tons annum volume production

1.Sourced from crab shells, glucosamine hcl,glucosamine Kcl Glucosamine 2NaCl available

2.100 g free samples can be offered

3. USP standard

4. 3000 tons annum volume production , GMP factory standard

5. Packing: G.W 27.5kg/drum. N.W.25KG/drum

Glucosamine sulfate potassium specification 

检验项目  Items

规格  Specification

外观 Appearance


 white crystallinc powder


鉴别 Identification

A-Infrared Absorption

B-Chloride-Potassium and sulfate


纯度 Assay

98 %~102%( on the dried basis)

比旋度Specific rotation (25mg/ml)


干燥失重  Loss on drying


灼烧残渣  Residue on ignition


酸碱度    PH

3.5 — 5.0

氯化物     Chloride

11.1% — 12.8%

钠盐 sodium

Non yellow color to a no luminous flame

残留溶剂 residue solvent

符合规定meet the requirements

有机杂质 organic impurities

符合规定meet the requirements

重金属    Heavy Metals

≤ 10ppm

总细菌数  Total plate count


霉菌数    Yeast & Mold

≤100 cfu/g

大肠杆菌  E.Coli.

不得检出Must not be detected

沙门氏菌  Salmonella

不得检出  Negative

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